This guy and i are in the same class, we've known each other for...

By lovingcanada_2 | Apr 25 2015

What does he want??

Now I'm Wondering

This guy and i are in the same class, we've known each other for around 2~3 months. He is being nice in class, like cleaning the table for me (it's a ceramics class). He sent me friend request on facebook and asked for my number. We took a walk together once, he let me walk on the inside when a car was driving towards me. Usually, i initiate texts slightly more than he does, but for the past week he texted me almost everyday like at around 9:30 pm and the convo will last till around 11:00 or 11:30 pm (his night school finishes at that time). Yesterday, he texted me while being with his buddy watching a boring hockey game, i don't know if that means anything significant..., but he didn't reply as fast as usual last night, which i think is alright (like around 10 mins or so). In texts, we ask each other questions like "what are you doing?", "Do you wanna visit?" "what sport do you do?". He also told me about his school work, friend, and his family, not super personal, just things like he doesn't get along with his sis and his brothers live far away... He uses emojis quite often: :3
I texted one morning to chat, and later i thanked for the chat bcoz i was feeling low that day and he replied: "no prob, if u want to share the reason why, i'm always here for you :3"
He was having trouble with the project, after giving him some suggestions i said "you can do this, (name), he replied: `yeah you believing in me will help`--. is that significant in any way?
Once i told me i am gonna sleep, and he said: " ok, don't dream too much about me!! jkjk"
Despite frequent texting, he has never asked me out, not even a "hang out"...
I don't really understand what this guy want, is he interested in me or is just bored and wanna chat?

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