The guy that texted me this dumped me about 2 weeks ago and I...

By anonymous_3 | Mar 27 2015

Why don't you text ur boyfriend

Now I'm Wondering

The guy that texted me this dumped me about 2 weeks ago and I moved on but we talk to eachother via text, but he always responds back usually w/ one answer like "oh" "K" "cool", etc. I started talking too him about this guy and he got all snappy. He has a girlfriend and all but I don't think he's over me and all. Help?



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27 Mar

This is ridiculous. It's been two weeks! Please tell me you are in high school or junior high cause this is not a mature relationship in any way. Stop texting him! He has a girlfriend. Leave him alone.


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27 Mar

How do you talk when all he does is reply with K and cool? That is NOT a conversation. Please leave him alone. He dumped you 2 weeks ago and has a girlfriend already? Or he had a girlfriend while you were with him? Either way, he sounds foul.


10 Sep

He's trying to tell you in increasingly blunt ways that you need to get over him and stop texting him. I, like previous comment, hope you are in jr high or high school. This sounds too immature to be an adult relationship. My step-son is 20 and I remember when he was in high school, he would sometimes meet a girl before home room, be her boyfriend by lunch and then have an epic breakup by 6th period. That's when I told him there's a difference between dating and being BF/GF and that the dating period should be a few months long. He told me it doesn't work like that in high school, but as soon as he was in college and took my advice, he now has a great girlfriend that he's been with for almost a year and they are both still virgins. He said that in HS, the girls always pressured him to have sex because that is what most of the guys wanted so they thought if he didn't try to sleep with them that he must not really like them. It was sad to hear how these girls were conditioned to devalue themselves. If you are in JH or HS, please don't fall for that!


29 May

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