the fck......

By kmartyn | Oct 14 2012

Now I'm Wondering

the fck...




14 Oct

He's an asshole for sure but he fully intends on keeping your around for the time being. You don't want to consider this guy for a real relationship unless you're ready to deal with fuckery. He's too immature to be serious about you or he just doesnt think the world of you.


14 Oct

Needs to get his damn priorites straight...


14 Oct

He sounds like a bit of a dick. Move on


14 Oct

This might not be the best pairing. It looks like you guys already did some negotiating on the terms of this relationship ("I wish I could treat you like a piece of meat like you said") but it hasn't been working out. His response about your presence in his life being a generally positive thing was sweet, but those sentiments probably won't be enough if you want a more intense all-about-each-other connection.


14 Oct

This is his way of saying "You're not the one, but I'd like to keep you around for the time being." Move on.


14 Oct

I would say cut off ties. Seems like you like him, but he doesn't feel the same way. If he wants to be treated like a piece of meat by you, that means that's what he thinks of you (as a piece of meat!).


15 Oct

Basically, he wants sex. Plain simple sex, no relationship just booty calls. Also, why is he labeled as : do not text... I think you already knew about this?


15 Oct

This guy is a dick and describes you as a +1. Relationships are all about compromise and understanding, not the expectation that someone will fit perfectly in your life. This guy will be single for a long time, so don't lose sleep about this one.


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15 Oct

I'm kinda torn on this one. On one hand- yeah, he's an asshole for looking at girls that way, but on the other hand- I gotta give him an A for honesty. He's basically telling you "don't get attached and don't expect too much from me". Doesn't get much clearer than that. I'm guessing that you've been trying to talk this guy into being your boyfriend & treating you like a princess when that's not what he wants. You can't force him to be who you want him to be. He himself said he's not a nice guy, so why are you expecting him to act like one?


15 Oct



15 Oct

He is basically just stating a general philosophy toward girls/life. It's a little odd and abrasive (ie: "asshole'ish") that's he's saying all that out loud, but what he's describing is the general mentality that many desirable guys have. This doesn't make them jerks, it makes them ppl with interesting things in their lives who don't drop everything for some girl who hasn't earned their undivided attention yet. Think George Clooney, or something. And to those of you who are gonna say "this guy is NOT G.C.," well, you're probably no Stacie Kiebler, but the same principles apply. If you like him, keeping hanging out.


15 Oct

honesty. you just experienced it.


16 Oct

He's on some PUA bullshit.


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17 Oct

This guy has a very realistic view on relationships. you should never complete someone, but you should always complement them and their lives and goals. He's not yet invested and thinks you're too invested. He's telling you to pull in the reigns on this for now, and he will no doubt let you know if that changes. He's being honest, either accept him at face value or delude yourself into thinking things are more then they are, your choice.


18 Oct

It sounds like you are very enchanting.


18 Oct

Thank God for @FANGED, the nail was hit right on the head. You should know that THIS MAN WANTS YOU, what are you waiting for. Clearly you loved this man, you have him in your phone as DO NOT TEXT. How many people put people they ACTUALLY don't love in their phone as DO NOT TEXT? .... I'll wait....... This man kept it real with you and said "I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, BUT YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND I WILL NOT BREAK MYSELF TO BOOST YOUR EGO, I WILL LOVE YOU AND REMAIN TRUE TO WHO I AM AS A PERSON YOU ARE AN ADDITION, A GREAT ADDITION, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE MY "END ALL". IF YOU CAN ACCEPT THAT, WE'LL BE FINE.


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20 Oct

If you didn't understand it, then don't reply with so true. The guy just told you he is not a nice guy. Read it again. "Unlike the nice guys" He is telling you he just wants you around. That's it. He is a douchebag.


22 Oct

You've already labelled him "do not text" so there's your answer. Also, I love that he's being honest and enjoy the way he looks at relationships. My boyfriend and I are the same.


23 Oct

This guy is perfect. There is the saying that "a couples want for each other should always out weigh their need for each other." I believe that to be 100% true. Sounds like he does too. Dependence in a relationship is unhealthy. One needs to know how to be happy on their own before they will know how to be happy in a relationship. This guy has the key to a long happy marriage right here. Learn from him and take his advice!


24 Oct

Do Not Text. Do Not Call. Ever! Yeah, he's being honest. But it also sounds like he's leading you on. He knows what he's doing.... What a jerk! >= /


24 Oct

He sounds like he's trying to let you down nicely.


24 Oct

He's saying you get whatever you want from other guys but not from him. Sounds like you guys are perfect for each other. Esp since his name is DO NOT TEXT.


24 Oct

This is a guy who is bound to be married and divorced several times throughout his lifetime. No sense in working towards becoming his future "first wife". If he wants a life enhancement, he can go get an ice cream cone, but you don't need him and he doesn't need you.


24 Oct

Sounds like a good philosophy, I think he's just saying this is why this will work. Ask him to break a plan to hang out that would tell you all you need to know.


25 Oct

The "do not text" label was a good call on this one


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26 Oct

if you have any respect for yourself and believe you don't deserve to get treated like dirt you should tell this guy to go f himself


26 Oct

He has read The Game and is pulling some serious PUA shit on you to demonstrate he is "of high value." Forget this loser.


26 Oct



27 Oct

3%. You live on the edge. He sounds like an ass. Who wants to be an enhancement?


27 Oct

that's exactly what i was gonna say


29 Oct

He sounds like an honest narcissist and if he has himself categorised as not with the "nice guys" well, sounds like that's where you should leave him too! In some ways it's brutally honest that relationships are better if you're already in the space of having a 'good life' and in not making your entire world be about the other person ('cos, hello? where are you then?) BUT if he's telling you that you should treat him like a 'piece of meat' it really doesn't sound like he wants a relationship with you does it? Do you want to be just an accessory for him? Hmm, probably not.


9 Nov

What an asshole. You should be way more than a +1, you aren't a damn google plus page. You aren't a cool car, or a new phone. Those are "enhancements". You should be valued and treasured. Not treated like a side toy.


13 Nov

I think he is playing Cocky cause girls like that! He wants you to feel upset by this message, he wants you to think: "what? I am not unique to you!?? How come?? you gonna see that!" and generaly girls get into it! ? He is a good player, go for him if you like him

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