"I don't want to put a name to what we have..."


So, what are we? Boyfriend and girlfriend or friends with benefits? What does he want?

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Most likely friends with benefits. I a guy doesn't want to call himself your boyfriend, he probably doesn't want to be your boyfriend.


I'm not even sure if you're friends, but he likes definitely wants the benefits!


He's either hooking up with someone else already or wants to be. You deserve better than this, love. Give yourself the love you're looking for and the right person will show up.


Well the answer is in his response, why do you absolutely want to put a name on your relation? Just live in the present, if it's doesn't looks serious then it's not.
Putting a name on a relationship would mean that you want to stick to a strict behavior that leaves no surprises. This may be something common in the US but you would meet an incomprehension in Europe.


Eh...I wanna say he's not into you. But my current boyfriend had originally said this exact same thing when we were seeing each other. We have now been in an "official" relationship for about a year so...sometimes it works out. But most of the time it really doesn't.


I'd say for now he just want friends with benefits. Until you've got the bf gf label that's all you can really guarantee that you have. So if that's not what you are looking for right now - you can either stick it out to see if he changes his mind later, or tell him see you later!


Not enough information to make a judgement. How long have you been spending time together in a supposed romantic sense? How long have you known him? I have been "official" with my gf for 2.5 months now, but we spent 4 months before that as "undefined" and we talked about it staying undefined. It's not always a bad thing to not want to label things. With more information, I could make a better assessment.


He wants something commitment. If he can't even put a name to what you have, then you really don't have much!


He's with you til something better comes along. Sad but true. Next move is yours. Don't you deserve better?


What he wants is to not call you his girlfriend... It's literally in the text, BUT it doesn't mean he doesn't like you. He wants to hook up without commitment.


He doesn't want to put a name to it because having a girlfriend would make him unavailable to other girls.

Things have names. It's why we have language. "Fuckbuddy" is still a name. "Seeing each other casually" is still a name. You deserve the right to use language.


I had a guy do this to me. He was massively in love with me but he had too many issues. A guy saying this to you is a really bad sign. He might be into you but it's not worth it.


It's sounds like he is scared to commit for whatever reason. Maybe he's worried what people will think. I wouldn't spend too much time analyzing it though. You need to move on. If a guy can't call you his girlfriend, then he's not worth your time....or your tears.