So theres this guy i've been "talking to" on and off for like a...

By livy1023 | Mar 20 2015

Why didn't he kiss me this time? Is it a bad sign?

Now I'm Wondering

So theres this guy i've been "talking to" on and off for like a month. We hooked up at a party and started texting. Earlier this week we reconnected an finally hung out. We made out for a long time, had really great sarcastic banter, and got to know each other a little bit while he playfully kissed me and out his arm around me. he said he would text me and he did and it's great he's been consitent and better than before. Last night he asked me to hang out. This time we were both completely sober. It was late at night he had just finished lacrosse practice and I was practically in my pajamas. But he asked if I wanted to hang out so I did. I went over and we sat on the couch in his room and just talked. It was nice I got to know him more and it was nice to just talk. But my problem is that he didn't try anything at all, he hugged me hello and goodbye but he didn't kiss me at all. Is this a good or bad sign? is he no longer interested in me that way? Was he trying to be polite? Was it just because he was still sweaty from lacrosse? Idk. Is this a bad or good sign I really wanna know haha



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23 Mar

Its okay. I actually think its nice he just hung out with you without trying anything.


23 Mar

The only issue is, he told me to text him the next day, I did, he didn't answer, we Haven't really talked since. He's been all weird and distant. this kid makes no sense I'm tellin ya

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