So, met this guy on Tinder. We got along, had things in common,...

By foodislife | Feb 11 2016

What does he want?

Now I'm Wondering

So, met this guy on Tinder. We got along, had things in common, and I gave him my number and we started texting. It was flirty with occasional real life talk thrown in for good measure. My only problem was that we only texted two or three days, and I initiated one of the conversations. During that time he acted like he wanted to hang out and mentioned places he would be and said I should come, but never gave me specifics. After those first few days we had a long conversation one night, while he was out and then he never texted me back. I didn't text him at all either, because I didn't want to seem needy and if he isn't texting me then whatever. However, two weeks have gone by and he suddenly texts me at around 12:30 am in a flirty manner. I feel like he just wants to sleep with me, whereas I feel I don't know enough about him to go there. Like he could murder me if I go see this person I've never met before. But like I said, we have things in common, like his dad is a teacher at my school and his brothers go there, so he doesn't seem like the type of person that would do the booty call, but what do I know. Also, it seems like it would be easier to break things off if they never got started in the first place, which is awkward now that we are facebook friends. Eeesh. How should treat this "relationship", such as it is.



13 Feb

Trust your gut. This guy is a fucking tool.


2 Mar

Never set yourself for lower than you deserve. If a hookup is not what you want, don't accept it! You own this, gurrrrrlllll


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12 Apr

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