So I met this guy online and he got my viber and texted me. We...

By mariemaria1004 | Sep 11 2015

After our supposed to be ONS he still texts me, is he interested or just want a FWB relationship with me? Should I ask him that?

Now I'm Wondering

So I met this guy online and he got my viber and texted me. We planned to meet up the next day in my house and had sex. After sex, we had a meal together and talked about personal things like what he and i does, about family and friends, and other stuffs but he didn't want to tell me his last name. We still texted after he went home. And the morning after he texted again and asked how was I and said he had fun. He asked if he can come again next week, I said yes because seriously I had fun, too.

I thought this will be my first one night stand but he still kept in touch. I don't know if our relationship will be fwb or if he wants to know me more because when we talk he asks about my plans for the day. Should I ask him first what our relationship is before he comes next week or just go with the flow?



11 Sep

I think the key to this is that he asked if he can come over again. He didn't ask to take you out for dinner or just for a date which doesn't involve sex. You need to think about what you want and whether you'd be happy with just a casual hook up with this guy because unless he offers to take you out, unfortunatly that's all he's after. A casual hook up is always better with someone you get along with so it isn't awkward - Just remember that. It doesn't mean he wants anything more.


11 Sep

Generally speaking, if a man wants to make something happen with a girl he is seeing, especially one where the sex barrier is already breached, he will make it happen. You *could* ask him, but I think he's given you all of the info you need. He wants you to be FWB. The communication afterward already means it isn't a ONS, because he didn't disappear (aka stand you up). It could still end up being a one-off, but you weren't discarded like trash.

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