So I met this guy in one of my classes and got to know him....

By confusedaf_2 | Feb 20 2015

Is it just friendly talk ?

Now I'm Wondering

So I met this guy in one of my classes and got to know him. Eventually we started talking and became friends. Used to text him through Facebook. Conversation was strained at first but eventually he started talking about his family and intimate stuff in his life.

So I asked for his number to make texting easier and he gave me it. But then the tone kinda shifted once I started texting him on my phone. Kinda more flirty? Like for example when we were discussing traits we liked in others and I said "I admire responsible people," he would reply with "yeah I'm responsible." And this went on for other traits I mentioned. Also when I mentioned facial attributes I found attractive he was like "oh so I meet your standards? Cool." And then he started talking about how he doesn't mind dating people of other religions ( we have different faiths). And mostly just friendly banter ever since then.
So....yeah. Am I looking too far into this or does he like me?



23 Feb

he's definitely flirting with u and is dropping big hints that he's a guy for u and that he likes you and want u to ask him to hang out more.

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