So i met this guy back in December and he honestly swept me off...

By purpletabou | Jun 27 2015

We've been together for seven months and he still calls me his friend? should i give up or give him more time?

Now I'm Wondering

So i met this guy back in December and he honestly swept me off my feet, he was perfect and i fell for him so hard. over the course of our relationship we've had a few drunken 'what are we' talks, most of which end in him saying 'im not ready for a label cause my last relationship (two years ago) ended so badly, but i dont want to not see you i love being around you' blah blah blah. Anyways at about the five month point we had a huge fight cause he was texted another girl making plans and i was like 'thats not fair to me, your either in or out' which led to us not talking for a while then he texted saying he missed me and blah blah, so were back together now, we see each other basically anytime off we have, he even made me meet his parents, but the other day he introduced me as his 'friend' to his aunt, which made me wonder if i'm lying to myself and nothing changed and he's never going to actually commit to me. So i do love him but should i give up, cause its so stressful or should i give him more time cause he does seem to be making an effort this time around. help!



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28 Jun

He's not ready for a relationship with you, but he's still shopping for a relationship with someone else. You are a placeholder, I'm sorry to say. Let this guy go. And nobody is perfect. Nobody.


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30 Jun

I agree with lillie. H's not ready for a relationship with YOU, and never will be. Dont be that girl who just keeps the seat warm until someone else shows up.


3 Jul

okay, I want to thank you all for advice. it really helped me gain enough confidence to simply tell him if he isn't ready for a relationship for me then I need to stop waiting for him and find someone who does, in a very polite I love you but must set you free kind of way. Turns out, he does want one, he explained that his family has been going through a lot and he didn't want to burden me with it, but he doesn't want to be without me, so we're official and exclusive now.

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