So I'm just wondering if he is shy or not interested or confused...

By ainirajaazmi | Mar 15 2015

I've met this guy on Tinder. At first we were talking continuously and then I stopped replying him. Then after 2 months, he texted me again saying that he is still interested in meeting me. So I gave him my number. I noticed that he's not really much of a texter at the beginning and that his Whatsapp last seen was not always active.

So on our first date, we clicked very easily and we had a very fun time talking about our future and jobs and about our interests. When he reached for the bill, I didn't offer for my half and he said that the next time will be my treat (?). then after the first date he texted saying how much he enjoyed meeting me. Then the next few days we texted more often (but not everyday) and I noticed that for someone who doesn't like to text he actually start to text a little bit more with me. And then we decided to meet the weekend after our first date but then I cancelled it and say to reschedule but he doesn't reply me. after 6 days of my unrespond text, I texted him again to see if he still interested. Immediately after I said "hi how are you" and he said "oh I've been really busy this past days". Note that I know he is quite busy because everytime I text him he will be at the library preparing for interview and his assignments. And then he said he wanted to see me again. So after 3 weeks of not seeing each other we finally meet on a Wednesday. I think we got more comfortable and we had a laugh. So I offer to pay for the dinner as he paid for the last one. But he insist on paying and said I should pay for the movies instead. But in the end I pay for my own ticket and he paid for his.

At the end of the second date, he asked me what is my plan for the weekend and saying that he might be free. And so I said to him if he is free, then let me know because most of the time he is busier than me. and the weekdays we texted almost everyday and we meet again on that Saturday. I can feel that he begin to touch me and kiss my cheeks (he never did this before) so I assume he started to like me. Oh and for the dinner I offer to pay for my half and he said okay. So after the third date, I texted him saying I had a great time and he said that he regretted not being close with me, which I assume he interested in me. So it's been a week after our 3rd date and u haven't heard from him! I noticed his Whatsapp is somewhat active for someone who doesn't really like to text. But he mentioned to me before that he doesn't like to text.

Now I'm Wondering

So I'm just wondering if he is shy or not interested or confused? Why does he let me pay for my dinner? Is that normal? and how come he seems interested but never text me again? I'm so confused and I kinda beginning to like this guy!

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