So i dont want to be too overbearing but my last message asked if...

By lalamcqueen | May 18 2016

So i went on a date this weekend with a guy in the royal navy. The date couldn't have gone more perfect. We went for a lunch date but ended up not finishing until after midnight. He paid, he was complimentary, we shared quite embarrassing things that we were both embarrassed about that we both understood and had amazing chemistry. He even planned to take me out the following evening halfway through the original date. Next day comes i text and i didnt get a reply. I then whatsapped him as on his current ship he sometimes doesnt get signal. He later replies much later to both my text and whatsapp saying that work is hectic and he would call me when he is done. He doesnt. I then whatsapped him the following day saying that i had a great time and understand if work is busy but i would like to see him again but upto him. He has read the message and not replied. He has been online on and off all day and looked at my snapstory but no reply. I dont want to scare him if hes busy but i dont understand how he cant text me when he was so keen on the date. Extra info: hes in my town until end of week but based about 30miles away. He also discussed picking me up for a date as he had the car i wanted to get when he was back at his normal base. I just dont know if i should text again or just leave it. Help please because honestly it was the best date ive ever been on and he said the same....

Now I'm Wondering

So i dont want to be too overbearing but my last message asked if he wanted to see me or not just so i gave him an out if not. I prefer honesty and really want to see him again but i dont want to bother him too soon. The only reason i text the next day is because he suggested the next day date and i wanted to check if it was still on. The other thing im worrying about is that prior to arranging this date (i met him on tinder) i happened to be talking to another guy who i later worked out is also in the navy and on the same ship?! However i stopped talking to him once the guy i went on a date with asked me out. But i am worried they may have spoken as i think they are friends. Idiot i know.

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