So here the story. I started seeing this guy I work with and...

By daisy11 | Apr 13 2015

what is he doing? what should I do?

Now I'm Wondering

So here the story. I started seeing this guy I work with and things seemed to be going very well. We met around the uni campus 5 or 6 times and talked a lot and every time I tried to understand what he wanted from me he was always like "I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy I just want to see how things go". Anyway, according to what he said, he has trust issues because all the girls he's been with have cheated on him so he didn't want to get into things too quickly because of that. Now one evening he asked me to go to his place for a movie and we slept together, I didn't stay the night cause it didn't seem like he wanted me to. After that, after a staff social, we ended up at his place and this time he asked me to stay.
After that... nothing more. We meet at work and he is always very nice and teases me, or puts on sweet songs, or shows off his muscles a bit cause he knows I like it but nothing more, he doesn't text me anymore, he doesn't ask me to meet me or anything at all. I don't know what to think, to me it seems that he just pretended to be interested in me so that he could get me to bed, I can't explain why he is acting like this now otherwise... what do you think?



14 Apr

Definitely agree with the above. Best thing is to act like it's not a big deal, DON'T text/message him anymore. Don't act like you're hurt & you might be able to keep or pretend to keep your dignity. It's not a nice situation.


14 Apr

I completely understand what you are saying guys, but I don't understand why he seemed interested for the first two weeks to spend time ,with me even for just an hour and then, all of a sudden, he changed. Why spending time with me if he could have just invited me at his directly?

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