Since he has responded back since my last text message is he...

By thesunnylife | Oct 19 2015

I met this guy at work 2 years ago and we don't work with each other anymore. We would flirt with each other and he would catch him checking me out. I noticed he was always friendly and chatty to me. A friend of mine had a crush on him but, he ignored her and every other girl at work. We started texting each other few months ago. Mainly about work stuff but, as time progresses we started to chat about about common interests and found out we has a lot in common.
Over the last few months he would say someday we should catch up. I thought that it would never happen, then recently he asked me out on an actual date. In one of his texts he said he wants to have sex with me and get to know me even more in person.
He picked me up and we went out for lunch. We had a decent face to face chat. He then took me back to my place where we kissed and hugged passionately before we headed back to my bedroom to have sex. After we had sex we lay down for a while and held each other. We got dressed and had a another chat in the kitchen for a bit. He thenchecked his phone and said that
there was message on his phone saying his father was in hospital and he needed to go and see him. He seemed upset and kept apologetic and said he was sorry he needed to cut short the date. He said he would make it up to me. He did look quite upset and kept shaking his head. He then held my tight and kissed me for a while and appologised again.
I received a text from him that night to say he was sorry for cutting short our day. He told me that his father was OK and was glad he went to see him. He said he had a long but good day. He said that at some point we should meet again for an actual face to face chat. A proper coffee and chat. He then concluded the text with he hoped I also had a good day, and that he hopes I am not too mad at him. I responded to his text and said that I understood why he had to cut short our date and was looking forward to meeting up again for coffee. This happened over a week ago and I haven't heard back from him since. I know he received my message and has even read it as I get notifications when someone reads a text.

Now I'm Wondering

Since he has responded back since my last text message is he trying to avoid me. Did he just use me for sex which, he did say he wanted to have sex with me as well as to get to know me? Was his appology genunine or was he lying and making excuses? When he says we should have a proper chat face to face does it mean he will actually make the time to catch up with me? Keep in mind he has said this for a while. When we texted in the past he has been very supportive of any decisions I made. He is quite polite and well educated. I feel he sends mixed messages and worried he may be a player. Should I text him again and arrange another date or should I just move on?
I've noticed he is always on facebook and has checked a PM I sent him the other day. He usually responds to my message within 3 days.
When he texts me is it usually late at night and signs off his message with x or xx occasionally he texts me in the morning and says "good morning". He also says that I am nice girl who he likes to chat with. I feel I am getting mixed signals from this guy, am I right?



20 Oct

Thaks everyone for your advice. I guess I needed a reality check and realised that I had been used, I just didn't want to acknowledge it. He actually texted me back and appologised for being a jerk and said that he should have rushed into having sex. He said he never meant to use me like that and hurt me. Yeah right. He said he wants to meet up this sat for lunch to discuss what happened and have a frank discussion about our future. I told him that I would think about it. I don't think I will bother with him anymore.

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