really felt a cool seems that he works a lot. Here is...

By whitepeaches | Apr 09 2013

going bk/forth w this guy for almost a month! We almost went to eat last week but he ended wkg a long day and asking me to come to his house to watch a movie @ 9pm which i turned down. We texted a few more times last week. 1 time he didnt respond .only met this guy once. And ive stopped texting

Now I'm Wondering

really felt a cool seems that he works a lot. Here is our last texts...what do u guys think? He is player, anoter girl? Lazy dater? Move on?!



9 Apr

don't invite him anywhere, don't text him first, assume he's not interested


11 Apr

I agree with first guy's comment. Let him make the effort if he wants anything more than texts. Don't go to his house late at night for movies. Booty call.


11 Apr

One of the bros once gave me this advice. "If a guy wants something to happen he'll make it happen". I was in this same position. Don't pursue him, don't be clingy, don't chase when he pulls back. Keep living your life, be fair and initiate sometimes, but let him come to you!


13 Apr

I would say he's being cautious, perhaps he doesn't know if you like him/where he stands, so play cool


Top Commenter

18 Apr

Stop actively pursuing him (asking him to go places, if he's free, etc.)... this will act as a wakeup call to him as well as give you a better idea of how important it is to him to see you

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