Over three months ago, I started hooking up with an acquaintance....

By liliblue | May 31 2016

Should i be honest with him about my true feelings?

Now I'm Wondering

Over three months ago, I started hooking up with an acquaintance. It evolved into this very intense and passionate attraction/hook up., knowing I was leaving the country soon. But as we started to see each other every week, we realized that we had a lot of things in common, and slowly it was becoming more intimate. He's dropped hints about how he feels, but I was a bit on guard since I was afraid to open up. On our last night together, he told me that he was going to miss me and will always remember our time together. At that moment, I wanted to tell him how I felt but didnt. Now that we're apart, I feel so heartbroken. I want to tell him how I feel now, but can't help feeling stupid and afraid he may push me off...because its insane that I waited this long. What should I do? Should i write him or call him? I'm not expecting anything but just want to keep in touch knowing our feelings are out in the open. HELP!



6 Jun

Call him, the longer you wait the scarier it gets and the more chance you have that he has moved on. If it's too late then that's awful but you won't see him around. You are in a different country with a lot of cute guys so you can always make the best of it


3 Sep

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