Omegle to Kik ...

By theblackcat | May 07 2016

I met this guy on Omegle, and we've been texting for a month (on Kik). He says he likes me, and its too bad we can't be together (we live in too far apart). All the time he's asking stuff like, where'd you want to go on a date? and saying things like, I'd sent you a letter with a ring if i proposed. Then he says, too bad I'm not gonna do it. What does this mean? Is he playing or does he genuinely like me? He's pretty decent otherwise.
He has relatives in the same country as me, and he's going to come home in a few months, but we live in different cities so it's unlikely we'll meet.
Also, how do I ask him to switch from Kik to Whatapp, and add him on Facebook?

Now I'm Wondering

Omegle to Kik


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