Okay so im currently 18 and i have met this guy at my current...

By missunderstood_2 | May 17 2016

Is 10 years difference a bad thing?

Now I'm Wondering

Okay so im currently 18 and i have met this guy at my current university. We talk all the time, and we connect so well on ideas and agree on absolutley everything. When i first met him i thought he was like 23 as that is what he looks like and the way he speaks is so on my level its unbelieveble! One day he asked me to guess his age? And i said easy 23-24 and he was like ha no im 28! I was like what!? He was like yeah i still get asked for I.D! I was shocked! I really really really like him but i feel that bc of this massive age gap, his experiences and extra 10 years is a problem :/ I dont exactly know what to do? I also dont know if he would go out with someone as young as me with less experience. I was also thinking that bc of his age if we were to be in a relationship that he would love a family and a girl that can support him. Atm im only almost 19 with no experiences at all. Do u think this is a problem to like someone so much older?



18 May

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18 May

Age difference should never be an issue (unless its underage) so dont worry too much about assuming he would want a family and such. Do you guys flirt and have chemistry? He may just think of you as a friend so you need to establish if he is interested first.


19 May

I don't think there is any guy that is going to say you're too young unless you are legally underage. If you really like him there is no reason not to go for it. An older man has a lot to teach you, be open to learning what wisdom comes with his age. Don't make a big deal about his age but don't make jokes about it either. A lot of times when a guy is older and in college with 19 year olds they feel very self conscious and out of their element so try to be aware of this and don't be afraid to tell him what you want and what worries you. All men appreciate a woman that is straightforward and honest, but I think older men especially are less tolerant of the games and aren't going to stick around long if they don't feel some kind of encouragement. I'm also curious why you would think a woman would need to support a man? He wants to support you. Not to say that you shouldn't stand on your own feet, do you girl, but his whole genetic coding is programmed to protect and provide so let him. If he wants to take you out for dinner don't make a big deal about the check, offer to pay if you like but don't push it when he says he's got it. This is his way of showing you he's a real man that is able to provide, he knows you don't need him to, he wants to so let him be a man. Hope that helps!


3 Sep

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