My question is, today he hasn’t write me at all. I know I sound...

By mrh_2 | Sep 20 2014

Few days ago i met this guy at the bar of the hotel where i was staying. He came to me and starts talking to me, just a regular conversation. She was in company of his mom and step dad. So drinks came by and we got drunk. End up at the room. No more details required. Well after that he asked for my cellphone and fb but then he wrote me a couple messages but that’s it. Last night after he started liking my pics on fb I sent him a message and he replied just as soon as he got them. He arranged to come n c me on oct the 4th since we live in different cities.

Now I'm Wondering

My question is, today he hasn’t write me at all. I know I sound kinda creepy but I really like him and I don’t want to scare him. So do you think he is just seeing this as a fuck buddy thing? Also when he added me he had his status relationship as complicated. Today he deleted of fb the girl it supposed to be his ex and he switched to single. What should I do, again he started to lik everything on my fb. Should I write him or wait for him to do it????



20 Sep

sounds like he is a bit shady, it seems like he could be interested you, but at this point he might be confused of what he wants.

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