My friend thinks he's just out for what he can get. My mum bumped...

By itsmeego | Oct 05 2015

I've know this guy for about 15 years. Our parents live near each other and we used to hang around together when we were younger.
We have "been together" a couple of times, the occasions were about 4 years apart but we haven't been intimate in almost 5 years.

He recently moved quite far away for work but he still texts me as with his job he travels so when he's in the area he asks me if I would like to meet up.
He always suggest meeting for a drink, or coffee or cinema and we agree to it but then the day arrives and he never texts.
Then he'll make an excuse and starts turning the conversation sexual saying "remember the last time when" etc. He will continue to text me for a while but then it will die off for a couple of weeks then it will start up again and the cycle repeats itself.
Why does he keep texting me if he has no intention of meeting up? Why does he even text me at all if he's not interested?

Now I'm Wondering

My friend thinks he's just out for what he can get. My mum bumped into his mum last Christmas and mentioned he has a girlfriend but he has never mentioned this to me. When I ask him questions about girls, he blatantly ignores my questions...could he be looking to cheat and use me as his side piece when he's travelling?



6 Oct

He sounds like someone who is looking to cheat... If he has a girlfriend, do your best not to break them up, because you don't want to be the dirty mistress... ever. Boys suck, good luck girl


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6 Oct

Sounds like he is just bored and texts someone that he knows is around.


6 Oct

I genuinely don't think he is a cheater because I know he never makes girls his "girlfriend". However, I am not excusing him if he is attempting to cheat...what I can't understand is why text me but then have no intention of actually meeting me?! Is he just bored? Or testing me?


8 Oct

You guys are the best! Thanks for your advice!

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