My friend is seeing a guy from London (We live in Ireland) and...

By samanthaxo | Oct 06 2015

Should I text him?! Does he feel the same or was it just a bit of fun?

Now I'm Wondering

My friend is seeing a guy from London (We live in Ireland) and him and two of his friends came over at the weekend for her birthday! We went out with them on both nights and I really hit it of with one of his friends! We got on so well and he was so down to earth and charming! We kissed and were acting really close on the first night and I hooked up with him on the second night! They are a really close bunch of friends and we all get on really well, we have already planned to visit them soon and they intend to come back over! I've never had to think twice about when I should text a guy and I am never usually bothered by one night stands but this one hasn't left my mind! I was really tempted to write to him the next day but I restrained and he ended up writing to me about a picture I posted, we had a fun little conversation before he had to go to bed for work! I now don't know whether I should write to him again? I wanted to send him a video I know he'll appreciate but I don't want to be needy! Should I wait until he writes to me again? How do I know if he feels the same or if it was just a bit of fun for him?!



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8 Oct

I wouldn't make a big deal about it until you see him again. Don't contact him unnecessarily.

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