My ex and I have been together for two months everything was...

By eeaguilar09_2 | Jul 16 2016

Why did my ex ask to call if he didn't even do so? Was his call actually accidental? Will he ever call?

Now I'm Wondering

My ex and I have been together for two months everything was perfect we did a lot of adventurous stuff and barely had arguments ... He broke up with me a month ago because he is going away to finish his bachelors in Switzerland. We have avoided the subject numerous of times but it happened. He cried when he broke it off and we didn't communicate for a while. 4 days before the end of our No Contact period I got a missed FaceTime call from him. I texted him back as seen in the screenshot. He asked to call me tomorrow but never did. Why didn't he ? Will he ever call like he said he would?




21 Sep

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