My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for 7 months, and...

By ej22 | Mar 25 2015

Should I trust him?

Now I'm Wondering

My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for 7 months, and I don't know if I should trust him anymore. On Monday we were catching up with some of his friends, and we were just messing around and showing funny/silly pictures that we had on our phones. At one point, as we were looking at his phone, he went on his Recently Deleted folder and there were about 5 or 6 pictures of nearly naked girls on there (not ones that we know.)
I just feel so betrayed and like I'm not good enough for him, even though I do so much to make him happy.
He keeps telling me that he didn't do anything with them, that I'm the only girl for him, how he's sorry for hurting me, how he thought it was okay at the time to download them, etc. but I just don't know.
I can't stop thinking about it, and I feel like I can't trust him anymore. It kind of feels like he's cheated, in a way.



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26 Mar

This is a tough one. Would you consider him watching porn as cheating? Probably not, so jumping to that conclusion isn't going to help at the moment. Here's the issue, there's a chance they were sent to him, he checked them out, and then deleted them. They could also just be random photos from the internet. The least likely option is that he actively sought them out from girls. How is everything else in the relationship? Is he making you a priority? Is he open with you? He seemed pretty open showing you pics on his phone in the first place which doesn't make me think he's being too sneaky. I would just sit him down, tell him that it hurt you, and that you understand he might of felt it was innocent, and that you don't think he's cheating, but that it makes you uncomfortable. Don't write him off because of this one instance.


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26 Mar

Are they celebrities/models/naked models? If they are I think it's no big deal. He might just think they are attractive, just like most of us girls think some famous men are attractive. If they are people he knows in person or interacts with somehow, it's a huge no! He could be chatting them up behind your back and being dishonest.

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