Is he waiting for me to text himOr playing games Or maybe lost...

By amaris91 | Mar 18 2015

We've been seeing each other for two weeks. Out of all those days he's usually texted me first (on two occasions, I started the conversation or responded to his text from the night before) and on three days (in the beginning), there were no texts at all.
We seem to get along really well- he's alluded to other things we should do together and there's been a tone of laughing and deep convos too!
We went on three amazing dates (all initiated by him) and, at the last one, we hooked up (made out heaavilyyyyy but nothing below the belt). He texted me when he got home right away- I responded and he replied with a sentence that I didn't need to reply to... so I went to sleep.
That was on Monday evening. It's now Wednesday morning and I haven't heard from him.

Now I'm Wondering

Is he waiting for me to text him?Or playing games? Or maybe lost interest? Should I text him if he doesn't get back to me in the next two or three days? I don't know if he's testing me or something.



19 Mar

this is a test to see if you keep quiet since men like women who dun talk. wakey and smell the coffee. no this is not a test! he does not want to talk!

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