Is he just being nice/polite Or is there a chance that he likes...

By xxttnxx | Feb 22 2015

There's this guy in my AP class & he sits right in front of me. Okay well he's a decently shy guy and 2 weeks ago we had to choose our courses for next yr so we has free time. I was giving my friend advice for AP bio and then he asked me which teacher I had and that sparked a 40 min long convo b/t mostly just us until our lecture decided to lecture again. We clicked and he laughed a few times however he tends to jump into convos my friend brings up with me. Last class I asked him for help on an AP bio lab and he seemed like he was happy to help although he explained it 3 times but I still didnt get it. So at the end of class, I said "hey can you just text me the bio stuff, I still don't understand it" & then he asked which question & he looked like he wanted to help me right away instead of over text but the bell already rang so he said alright sure (REST OF STORY IS CONTINUED ON THE PICTURE BECAUSE THERE'S NOT ENOUGH SPACE)

Now I'm Wondering

Is he just being nice/polite? Or is there a chance that he likes me? He's a really nice guy, but would really nice guys just help some girl for an hour and put in that much effort to help?



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22 Feb

No he does not sound like he likes you.


23 Feb

I think he is definitely interested in you bc he is going out of his way to help and talk to u and seems really excited around you.


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24 Feb

Nope he doesn't like u. You shouldn't have had to get his number from a friend and he wouldn't have said he "didn't think it was that hard" implying that you were asking for his help for a different reason than really needing help.


3 Nov

Try texting him something not about school. Like a, "hey what are you up to?" see if he keeps the convo going.

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