we met a year ago & haven't hung out since because we live hours away but he STILL keeps contact with me (confusing also). he's in Korea right now because he's a marine so he said this
ps. he's a guy of my dreams

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is he just being friendly? why do u think he still keeps in contact?

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It's possible he really does like you, but you might also be his emotional security blanket. He's a marine looking for some tender love and care while he's away. He def does care about you tho. Does he do more initiating than you? Does he talk to any other girls? Are you the backup girl, a good friend, or his main interest? If he follows through with his promises that's a good sign. Hope this helps :/


Marry him

theloveguru TOP COMMENTER

Well at least he's just a guy of your dreams and not THE guy of your dreams. It's very possible he likes you but it's also very possible that he's surrounded by men and Koreans and youre a good texter so when he needs female companionship or some sense of home/realness he talks to you. If you really like him than keep talking and see what happens when he gets back but DO NOT wait around for him or deny other opportunity's thinking that he's your future husband.

sugarapple78 TOP COMMENTER

Be careful with the military types..They tend to get bored when they are away and the game changes when they come back home.

Take it slow and don't have too many expectations until he proves himself..