By marshmallow07 | Apr 12 2016

Well, i met this guy in my job, at the beggining we made a cool "click" as friends. Actually, at the beginning of our friendship, he told me everything about a girl that hurted him and I told him about a guy that I was interested on. So we keep talkin' and talkin', we hanged out and that night he was soo relaxed with me, he treated me like her sister and he told me that he tend to have short relationships because he gets bored very quickly. I started to feel something special for him, but with all the things that he told me I preferred to calm down and say "next".
We kept talking a lot in the office, he started to change his attitude toward me , he smiled more and began to have more attentions. Finally he asked me out, he chose the place (my favorite coffee) :) We spent 5 hours together, after the coffee we went for a night-walk in the city and it was awesome, his attitude was so different, he acted like a gentleman with me. When our "date" was over he texted me a "Goodnight TEXT" :) , the next day he didn't say a word and almost at the end of it he TEXTED me: I HAD REALLY GOOD TIME YESTERDAY AND I HOPE YOU DID AS WELL, THANKS FOR THE LOVELY WALK.

MY QUESTION IS: Is he going to ask me out again? Maybe its my turn to ask him out? Thanks :)

Now I'm Wondering




12 Apr

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15 Apr

Haha Nancy 1244 seems to know what she's talking about. ;) Just kidding. From what you've said it sounds like he had a great time and probably wants to get to know you better! Your very best bet here is to chill out and wait. I've found that when I get obsessed about a guy, he can sense it and doesn't ask me out again. When I'm busy going about my life, and just casually hope for things to work out, a guy feels less pressure and more interest... which often leads to more dates. So try being cheerful and flirty, and then going away and doing something else entirely. It'll leave him thinking about you and wondering what might happen on a second date! :)

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