If this is really sweet or massively creepy....

By missyg | Oct 09 2012

I kissed this guy at a party about a week ago and this is the first I've heard from him...

Now I'm Wondering

If this is really sweet or massively creepy.




9 Oct

*facepalm* dude...he's inviting you out on a date...


9 Oct

Yes - and even if he wasn't, who wouldn't want to watch adorable Polar Bears play while Meryl Streep graces your eardrums?


9 Oct

he might be into you but just have the emotional intelligence of a banana. but if you don't mind. go for it. many man do.


9 Oct

It's awesome, polar bears!


9 Oct

Looks like he sent that to you by mistake


9 Oct

He was waiting so he didn't seem too pushy. It was only a week.... That's the perfect amount of time... he knew you wanted him to text him for the whole week, and now you just want him that much more.... smart kid


9 Oct

He has been wanting to text you but did not know what to say. So he tried to send something that you would think was cute. He was not trying to be creepy.


9 Oct

9 years old


9 Oct

if you are 8 is ok


9 Oct

A week ago and he sends you this? It's either wrong number or a v. weak invite to a date. I'd reply and jokingly ask him if you came across as a polar bear lover at the party... (if you want to interact with him)


9 Oct

He is trying to be fun and playful. He's expecting a laugh or some other positive reaction. Considering it "creepy" is pretty much the absolute worst possible reaction from his point of view.


9 Oct

I think he's trying to ask you to that IMAX film, but doing this way is Sooo unattractive..


9 Oct

Did you talk about polar bears or wild animals of any sort at that party?


9 Oct

I think he obviously likes polar bears. and he wants to see that documentary with you.


9 Oct

A polar bear weighs enough to break the ice.......


9 Oct

Cute way of reintroducing himself.


9 Oct

Honestly it sounds like his phone was hacked; I wouldn't worry about it.


9 Oct

He meant to send this to his real girlfriend, bummer


9 Oct

whatever happened to, "how's it going, want to get together again?" This is just a test to see if you're desperate enough to think this counts as effort


9 Oct

creepy as fuck, run!!!!


9 Oct

This could be one of two things, 1) he meant to text that to someone else and accidentally selected your number, probably not even realizing who's it was, or 2) he's trying to initiate some sort of communication and is just really immature and bad at it. Either way, I would keep this as a casual one-time hook up.


9 Oct

its a mass text to all his contacts he save your number on his contacts but he might not even know that he save it.


9 Oct

He's into you, but lacks self-esteem. You're probably out of his league, which is going to suck for you long term.


9 Oct

It REALLY depends on what you guys were talking about! I don't think it's creepy- but it's hard to tell how random this is. I'd say he is thinking about you and tryna poke you and see if you're thinking about him. I'd say "Fine. I'll go with you. But then next time we have to watch a violent horror movie." If he says he wasn't asking you, you can just say 'Yeah guy. I was kidding- I couldn't bear to watch that movie!' Everyone who is saying this is a really lame, shy way of going about talking to you is right... but if you like him... throw him a bone. I don't know if you have read anything about dudes these days, but sociologists are reporting they have turned into GIANT WIMPS! So you just have to decide which giant wimp you want to help ask you to go to the movies. I'm mean. I let them talk to me about movies for days & if they don't ask me- I act like I don't get it. Honestly, I just don't have time to ask myself to movies! Maybe you do :)


9 Oct

That movie came out in April... maybe he was just finding a unique way to break the ice?


9 Oct

It could be spam. Or maybe it's some sort of inside joke because the night you met you talked about Meryl Streep and/or polar bears or something? No clue, but if you want to see more of him, ask to hang out.


9 Oct

He's not being a creep. He just wanted to talk to you and figure polar bears were a good way to start. That being said, the difference between cute and creepy is whether the girl likes him.....


9 Oct

@datersgonnadate "you just have to decide which giant wimp you want to help ask you to go to the movies." Hit the nail on the head, I love that. They type of girls who think this is creepy are pretty naive. It's pretty cute, actually. Boys sometimes have a hard time talking to girls. If you don't want to be a huge bitch, I'd say go along with it.


9 Oct

It was a party, so I'd say he might just wanna be friends.


9 Oct

I dont know it seems weird, just a random text maybe?


10 Oct

He's into you. He is also a little weird.


11 Oct

Funny and cute. Go for it.


11 Oct

I think its legit. He is already taking the first move by inciting conversation from you, so just take it and see how it goes.


12 Oct

Frankly if I got that I'd think he texted the wrong person. Like he hit the wrong contact in his phone. But the only way to know for sure is to respond and see what he says next. Just be prepared for it to not go the way you want.


15 Oct

aww that's so cute, I bet he regretted that text as soon as he sent it.


Top Commenter

20 Oct

What do polar bears, Meryl Streep, Imax theaters and you have in common? If nothing then he is probably just being awkwardly weird since it's been a week since he last saw you. Maybe it's his way of reaching out to you. Or maybe he just texted the wrong number. :)


21 Oct

He sounds awkwardly hilarious. Seems like he was trying to be funny, but also attempting to ask you out on a date.


Top Commenter

23 Oct

He seems a little socially awkward if that's the best he could come up with after a whole week! It's cute, but if you pursue this be prepared for lots of confusing, odd texts :)


23 Oct

Its a movie???? Not into Meryl Streep and Im in Australia and Aussie. Anyway, If I received that pic, I would have thought that he was going down the pub for a Bundy. Bundaberg Rum. For everyone who is not Aussie, Bundaberg Rums PR icon is the Bundy bear (Bundy Bear is a polar bear). Bundy Bear represents every guys best mate (makes a good Drop Bear) and is highly attractive to girls (especially when soaked in a warm bath with a red sock). Personally I think Bundy Bear is cute too. I would have thought mention of Meryl Streep was pulling my chain a bit (to get my attention and a reply). I wouldve asked If he wanted company at the pub for a drink. lmao. I drink Bundy too. Slight cultural difference I guess. I NEVER would have guessed that it was a movie. roflmao.


23 Oct

This example was on "Sunrise" in Austrialia this morning hhaha. The hosts said he is cute and cuddly but can kill lol


24 Oct

It's cute :)


25 Oct

Creepy? What kind of heartless jerk thinks that's creepy? I bet you like men that are really tough and mean to you.


25 Oct

Yes. Sometimes things are EXACTLY as they seem. Honestly, is this what women do with texts from guys? Overanalyze and ask anyone who will listen what the out-of-context text message means? So glad I refuse to date.


26 Oct



26 Oct

I don't think it's creepy...but I wouldn't know what to say that...haha. Unless you talked about polar bears a lot when you met.....then totally cute! He's trying to reach out to you!


27 Oct



31 Dec

forever alone


7 Jan

It could be a mass text. Seems like it.


10 Jan

I think it's cute - he's trying to ask you out in a cute/funny/non-conventional way that will get conversation going instead of the normal awkward way. Also, if you reject him, it looks like he was just joking around and being a goofball.


11 Jan

That is so creepy... on to the next one


27 Jan

Totally creepy & zero effort


14 Mar

Maybe I'm weird but I think it's...awkwardly adorable. He probably is just a nerdy fellow or doesn't know how to start a convo?


7 Jun

Hahahahahahaha this just made me laugh so hard. He's hilarious. I don't know if he's into you, probably not, since he didn't text you for a week, but this is just the funniest thing ever. You should just remain friendly with him I guess.

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