I was talking to this guy for a while, and I had a really good...

By courtneyg1107 | May 06 2016

You would have thought I broke his heart, the way he reacted?

Now I'm Wondering

I was talking to this guy for a while, and I had a really good time hanging out with him. I told him in the beginning that I really wasn't looking for anything serious at the time because I was still getting over a previous situation, and I wasn't looking for a hookup either because I vowed to never do that again. Anyways, I ended up really liking the guy and after a couple of times hanging out, I really enjoyed talking to him and getting to know him. From the very beginning, I told him that I wasn't going to have sex with him because I wanted to wait until I was in a relationship. I even told him multiple times that I did not want to be friends with benefits. So, one night, he randomly texts me saying that he wanted to be friends with benefits. I told him that I didn't want that and that we should just stop talking because it was going to lead to nothing, and I didn't want to waste any more time because I was just in a previous fwb situation. He thought that I was kidding when I said that I wanted to stop talking, so he kept texting me. After I was replying to his messages, he finally got the hint that I was serious. The next thing I know he deletes me off of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. like I was the one to break his heart. I'm not mad with him or anything, and I hope he finds an amazing girlfriend because his previous relationship was very hard for him. I just want to know why he reacted the way he did when he knew all along that I didn't want to have sex with him until I was in a relationship?



3 Sep

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