I was pretty much fed up with just getting that one date before...

By julianakaarud | Apr 07 2015

I `ve kissed alot of frogs on Tinder. Figuratively speaking. But about two weeks ago I`ve met a guy on Tinder and the conversation went over several days before he asked me out for coffee. We went for coffee and he paid. He talked a lot about himself and seemed a bit nervous, but asked a lot questions too. We connected over common music interests and other common hobbies. Some hours later he went home with me and we hung out a couple of hours before he kissed me. Nothing more happened. When I drove him to the buss stop he asked me to come visit him. To weeks later I did. It was pretty early so he made us breakfast before we just hung out at his place. We talked about a trip he went on a year ago and he showed me some pictures from that trip and some family photos. That went on for about and hour before went out and he showed me around town. We made out when I was there, but nothing more happend. The day ended with him making us pancakes before I went home. When he made that batter for the pancakes he held me and kissed me while he was cooking. Before we said goodbye he said lets meet again sometime and update me on how school is going because I talked about a internship I was starting the following day. When I sat on the bus home I texted him and said thank you for today and that I love meet up again. One day has passed and no response. There was alot of sexual tension between us and I am bit afraid that this was just another hookup. I am not a big fan of the blurry lines between a hookup and a date. Was he just looking for the girlfriend experience for a day without further commitment? I am overthinking why he has not responded? Was this just another Tinder hookup? And above all will there be a third date? Tinders reputation as a hookup is really making me overanalyzing the situation. To clear to I am not looking for just a hookup.

Now I'm Wondering

I was pretty much fed up with just getting that one date before the guy faded when he said hello. Why is it that I meet guys that are more interested in the next swipe than getting to know me? We connected over common music interests and common hobbies. He was charming and nice when we met. He gave me a lot of compliments and was not shy about touching me on my hip and etc. There was a lot of sexual tension and we went to hookup mode fast. We live about and hour and a half away from each other.



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7 Apr

That's not really a hookup, it was a date. Anyway, it's just one of those things where you have to put a lot of work into dating (tinder or any other kind) and that's just kind of something that goes with the territory. If he isn't excited to see you again then drop him and move on.


8 Apr

Thanks guys for the reply! It was easter so I went home to my parents across the country . So that why we did not meet for a week. Thank you jhops for constructive criticism. I agree with you when you say that I say one thing and do something else. I can blame it on the damn pheromones, but what it boils down to is me. He did reply yesterday and said thank you for visiting and how has your day been.. Eventually texted him back, but no reply.

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