I was out of town for work and this guy was a part of the meeting...

By dddnvn798 | Apr 20 2015

So I just got out of a bad relationship and went out of town for the weekend. Ended up meeting a guy and went back to his place and had to catch my flight early the next morning. But besides the sex, I honestly had a great time talking to him...he texted a bit today, but I just would like a distraction right now as I'm getting out of this there a way to keep a conversation going without coming off as clingy?

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I was out of town for work and this guy was a part of the meeting I was attending. The sex was great, but I also just enjoyed talking with him. I really need something to distract me so I don't take my ex back.



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20 Apr

I would never suggest that a new person will help you get over a person that you have history with and know well, in fact I think it will have the opposite effect, if you compare the two you will soon enough realise that the new doesn't live up to the old. It simply couldn't because you have history, memories and know the previous person on a deeper level than someone you just met. Friends, family, hobbies and personal goal are honestly the best distraction, it's best to stick to things that are wholesome and make you feel good about yourself.


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20 Apr

He lives out of town anyway, how much can you get out of that distraction? I don't think theres a problem using someone as a distraction, as long as they are aware that its just a casual fun thing for you because you're not in the mind space for anything other than no strings attached, you should tell him that as soon as possible to avoid hurt feelings.


30 Nov

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