I’ve been knowing my college mate for almost 9 months, we have...

By lilian | May 28 2016

So my question is about if he's interested/attracted or if he sees me just as a friend?
I always try to treat him as one more of the group, but of course I can’t absolutely treat him as one more, sometimes I get shy when talking to him (I used to be more shy, but I try not to let my feelings go out just in case).

Now I'm Wondering

I’ve been knowing my college mate for almost 9 months, we have many things in common as music and playing videogames, also when we’re coming back home in the bus we share our interests about music and show to each other new songs or bands we haven’t heard. He does a lot of skinship (representation of affection), but on the one hand I think he does with more girls (even though some friends told me he doesn’t do as much as with me). On the other hand, recently a friend of mine had told me she had been seeing us and she says that sometimes the both of us are apart when talking or tickling each other (he’s ALWAYS tickling me, but of course I return it to him). Another important detail is that he’s a gentleman, he always let girls cross the door first, or open the doors too, etc.

We also had 2 dates, but it was a couple of months ago. Recently he had told me to go to his home because he has many videogames so he wanted to show them to me. But it just stayed in the air, we didn’t say any day or hour to meet. Well, we might be meeting in a couple of weeks, but we’re meeting in group, I’m bringing my two best friends and he’s bringing his best friend, because we’re going to take some cocktails (it was his idea meeting each other friends). He has also told me that when we have time he’ll show me some techniques of judo (I had requested it to him, it was funny when I saw his eyes shining).

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