I've been hanging out with this guy for the past couple of...

By alejandra18 | Jan 27 2016

Am I overthinking or is this guy over it?

Now I'm Wondering

I've been hanging out with this guy for the past couple of months. We met after a game and we slept together. He drove me home the next morning and we went on a date that following week. Since then we had been hanging out almost every week, but once the holidays came around we stopped hanging out. He went home and I was with my family. After the holidays I ran into him on the bus going in the same direction which then prompted a video chat conversation, but still no actual in person hang outs. Out of the blue he proceeds to text me "Let's hang out soon, I don't know when but soon." Is this his way of trying to make vague plans to hang out or is he just saying it because he feels bad? I just need to know if I should move on with my life and stop wasting my time.



27 Jan

There's no 'it' to be over. Reply to his saying 'I don't know but when' by telling him when you're free. But don't make your tone too sympathetic e.g. end 'How about it?' He may need a gun being held to his head. If he doesn't get back, then write him off.


28 Jan

Sorry sweetheart but you need to move on because clearly what you guys isn't that serious to him. Your his fwb not his girl. You guy have no relationship and that's why he only feels the need to next you when he wants too. Girl you need to leave that little boy alone and go find you a REAL man that has the decency to take you on a real date.


7 Apr

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