I used to be classmates with this guy who I really liked, and...

By sweetlemonchewie | Jun 27 2016

What does a Facebook like mean if he doesn't usually like anyone's photos?

Now I'm Wondering

I used to be classmates with this guy who I really liked, and there were times when I was pretty sure he liked me back (for multiple incidents and reasons I will not go into). But during that time, he also gave some mixed signals, especially with texting, because he never initiated any conversations or continued any conversation for very long even though he had plenty of chances to. I even initiated a few times (but always only after spending an hour stressing about whether I should text him or not). Last year, I moved to another school, and we left off pretty okay. Every so often, I visit my old school, and have occasionally seen him. I always text him on his birthday, and only a few weeks ago, he reciprocated by texting me happy birthday. Yesterday, I posted my third photo on Facebook (yes, new to the FB world), and he liked it. But he doesn't usually like very many photos (except for the occasional one from his close friends), and he didn't like any of the previous photos of mine. This one had me in it (not my brother, or my dog), so maybe that's why? But does this indicate that he is still interested in me, or in still being my friend, or does this not mean anything at all? Normally I wouldn't take this as anything, but I mean, he's someone who doesn't use social media as much as other people. In case you are wondering, even though it's been a year since I moved schools, and I don't like him the way I did before (as a natural result of not being in contact much), thinking of him still brings a smile to my face. So it'd just be nice to know what he thinks of me.

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