This is from an ex of mine that I see on occasion...maybe twice a month. Sometimes he will come on strong and when he comes over he tries to be romantic and snuggle after sex (which I'm totally not feeling), and then he will die off for a week or two. SO this lovely Valentine's Day Eve I thought I'd be straight up and ask him.

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I think he's trying to play hard to get or try to make me chase his ass, which will never happen. I think he's full of sh*t and probably seeing another one of his exes at the same time. What do y'all think? I think it's pretty obvious LOL

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well it sounds like you know how you feel about him, so why not just move on? if he's your ex for a reason, why go back to him?


No intention of going back, just a fwb kind of gig I guess. Really no point in having contact with an ex tho!! But I have zero emotional ties to the guy anymore.

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Cut off all ties with him. He is an ex and should remain an ex


Why even bother with him? Are you looking to get back with him? Move on


No sex with an ex! noone on their death bed I'm sure has ever said "I wish I had sex with my ex". If it's the relationship/love/sex/commitment/friendship whatever that you crave you will NOT find it him again. You broke up for a reason, whatever that was. Either take some time to "do you" focus on your self and then start meeting new guys.


All truths!! I don't know why I back-tracked!


If you're questioning his inconsistency then obviously his behaviour is affecting you. If you had no emotional ties then you wouldn't care what he's doing and keep it really casual. In a bid to be stress free and not let this person affect you anymore, just stop talking to him. Find another friend with benefits if that's what you're after.


I'd say...trust your instincts! They never lie.


Do you really care if he is? U r not togethrr and he is fair game. Rhe only thig you are proving is that he is winning the challenge!! Reverse psychologogy works wondrrs


The fact that you would care if he is, indicates there are feelings. You should cut it off.