i texted him asking to hangout tmrw and he said he was down to...

By jillian2013 | Apr 09 2013

so i met him during the summer and we hooked up and then stopped talking and ended up hooking up again but i hated him cause he talked shit about me so he hit me up again and i flipped out on him and we ended up talking and now hes saying he wants to make shit better if we hang out again

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i texted him asking to hangout tmrw and he said he was down to chill tonigt instead because he had work tmrw and we said wed hang out Around 1am.. he texted me at 126 and asked where i was and i said id be there in 15 then told me to wait cause he was smoking a blunt....then never texted me at all after that or the next day..




11 Apr

He's an emotional manipulator. Things with "the other girl" didn't work out, so he's coming back to try again with you. You're a girl who deserves so much better than this guy. Be respectful of yourself, get a guy who appreciates you the first time around, and make this guy wish he treated you right.


12 Apr

This player is so hopped up on wacky-tobaccy that he thinks it's cool to ask a girl to come over to his at 1am. Ask yourself what sort of girl goes over to mans house at 1am to smoke weed? Not passing judgement on my fine hippy sisters here either, but even they know a useless eejit when they see one and you can smell this one a mile away. it sounds like this guy is a.)delusional b.)perma-stoned and c.)totally not worth your time. Go find a guy that like to take girls nice places rather than sit around in a room until 4am talking about codshite.


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18 Apr

So you guys hooked up quickly... didn't hear from him... then he shows up again and you start hooking up w/ him... he talks bad about you and randomly comes back asking to chill at 1 am? He's looking for one thing & it w/ rhymes w/ rex

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