i still havent heard from him two days after this. what is going...

By monkeycrazy154 | Oct 26 2012

We've been hooking up for about a month and have hung out without hooking up a lot. I dont think i've been needy but this week I didnt hear from him for almost a week and when i saw him he acted very strange. So I texted him and this is what he said.

Now I'm Wondering

i still havent heard from him two days after this. what is going on?



26 Oct

It seems like he's saying your not one of many to defend himself, and he's prob not seeing many at the moment, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't if another one came along...


26 Oct

Sounds like he is playing you to keep his options open.


26 Oct

you have surpassed fwb you are now a f#$k buddy, okay, the only reason he texted you back is to keep you in his back pocket just in case molly or lauren or hoever dosent come through, let it go .......sorry to be the bearer of bad news


26 Oct

He likes you more than he wants to.


26 Oct

Stop being a floozy and annoying him.


26 Oct

just keeping his options open....he's neither denying nor admitting.


26 Oct

If you're not a couple he can see however many people he wants. You asked him for more, whether you think you did or not, and he didn't want that. Or he met someone else he did want to be serious about.


27 Oct

Ditch him and don't entertain him unless he wants to give you all of his attention.


27 Oct

A. Don't have these type of conversations via text message. At the very least say your thoughts/worries over email. It will always end badly and lead no where. B. Keeping in mind this is out of didn't ask if there was something wrong (again, better question to ask in person), you also assumed he was a manwhore immediately based on his 'strange' behavior. The entire exchange is passive aggressive. C. If he is ignoring you and there is nothing serious going on, then do the same; The chasing should be mutual. Not being serious means you both get to do whatever you want and not be questioned about it when you're together. D. Get him in person and just be direct about what you both want. Come to a compromise or go your separate ways.


27 Oct

im in the same situation (but its been like 2 years..) !! DO NOT GET FEELINGS FOR HIM! or if you do, get out NOW. being FWB is NOT worth it. much too painful.


27 Oct

He's got cold feet. Maybe he thought you were both on the same page (I.e. this was a bit if fun) you need to decide what it is YOU want from this first before going back to him. He clearly just wants the occasional make out with you so you have to decide if that's what you want.


27 Oct

Looking at this, from experience, he just wants friends with benefits :(


29 Oct

It feels like you're trying to hold on harder than he wants to be held. That's not a nice place for you. Hold out for someone who is really interested in you - he's not.


31 Oct

"Not looking for anything serious" = not wanting to be in a relationship, and not wanting to feel obliged to fill your emotional needs by staying in regular contact. He may still want to have sex with you occasionally though. You will find someone else who is kind, loving and attentive.


16 Nov

If he did like you, he doesn't now after you basically accused him of sleeping around with "many" others.

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