I recently started dating or rather seeing a older man. He...

By notheotherwoman | Feb 04 2015

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Now I'm Wondering

I recently started dating or rather seeing a older man. He started off wonderful but boy he told several lies. It's been a whole 7 days since I decided I don't want to be involved and I cold turkey stop texting,responding to calls I even stop driving towards his house because I didn't mention we live in the same zipcode. I was done and this morning he texed me. That's how I ended up on this wonderful website. I needed a outlet to assist me in keeping on moving on. Not in a million years will I allow someone else to sign me up to be a TOW (The other Woman). Now if I decide to enlist in a man's army of woman then that's on me but just to be drafted in I don't think so. This man is black and older but he has several Caucasian situations going on he tell me that these women are his children. Lol or some people from his church. I'm a African American beautiful woman and the stories that this man has told. So while dating Caucasian woman I guess he told them that the black woman that he had dealings with was his children or cousins. He is a big liar.



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5 Feb

I don't understand what your questions is or if youre just venting. There are a lot of creeps out there, take care of yourself.


5 Feb

All of the above question,venting, race is a issue.When I mentioned it I make no apologies for what I will get off my chest. And I'm good with having a out. Peace

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