I ran into a guy I worked with a month ago. We exchanged numbers...

By calibabe93 | Apr 18 2015

Should I make the next move? Does he even like me?

Now I'm Wondering

I ran into a guy I worked with a month ago. We exchanged numbers and added each other on Facebook a few weeks later. I have always had a little crush on him. He ended up posting on my wall on Facebook that my favorite beer (local beer) was back at the bar we ran into each other at. We had a few comments back and fourth on that. A few days later I went and got one of the beers with a few of my friends and posted on his wall a picture of the beer. He ended up texting me that evening and met up with me and some of my girl friends with one of his friends. We have more in common than anyone else I know. We ended up staying out till 2:30am, he even stayed out with my friend and I for an hour after his friend left. Should I make the next move to meet up with him or should I wait for him to do it? Usually I can tell if a guy likes me. He is quite so its hard for me to tell.



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21 Apr

Agree u should let him make the next move.

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