I met this guy online, went out last week and I thought we really...

By hm4 | Mar 04 2015

Now I'm Wondering

I met this guy online, went out last week and I thought we really hit it off. We made plans the same evening for this weekend. I haven't heard from him. What's the deal? I don't expect him to be blowing my phone up but a "hey how's it going" would be nice. We didn't make detailed plans just that we'd like to get together next wknd. I know he's super busy with work right now, but so am I. Does he like me or is he just playing the field?



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4 Mar

It could be any number of things, but what's most important, is that you should be playing the field too! Don't hold stock in one guy you went on one date with. Date as many guys as you want and let the ones who aren't worth your time fall to the side. Also don't assume his lack of texting means a lack of interest. My guy and I barely text, but we see each other frequently. Not all people view texting the same way.


4 Mar

Thank you! Both comments are extremely helpful! I'm not necessarily putting all my eggs in one basket but I haven't had a first date go that well, like ever! Plus the guy seems to have the good qualities I'm looking for in a significant other.

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