I met this guy on tinder about 2 months ago. We went on one date...

By rookiemistake | Aug 15 2015

Is this worth pursing or should I wait for something to happen?

Now I'm Wondering

I met this guy on tinder about 2 months ago. We went on one date which I thought went well but we never went on a second date. Both of us were flying out in a month anyways so it wasn't the best time. We texted each other occasionally before we left but never that consistently. He's now in Europe for 5 months and I was away for a month. During that time I initiated a bit of conversation, which he did respond to but it was general chit-chat. Since I've been back, we've added each other on snapchat and he'll sometimes message me there or on fb, but not much action. He recently sent me a 'good night x' and told me he wanted to visit me when I go away at the end of the year. Does he want to just leach off my free accommodation? It's all very casual right now and I can't really tell if he likes me.



16 Aug

Honestly base your decision on how strong your feelings for him are and then you will be able to see if waiting is worth it or not


10 Sep

I think he's "maintenance texting"... Saying just enough to keep you open as an option. Never make someone a priority if they are making you an option.

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