I met a guy on Tinder 3 weeks ago. For the first week we text A...

By jq | Mar 30 2015

Is he interested in me or the sex?

Now I'm Wondering

I met a guy on Tinder 3 weeks ago. For the first week we text A LOT - in fact only one day we didn't text and most of the time he initiates it.

After 1 week we met up at a bar for 1 drink and ended up out dancing together for hours and hours and we got quite drunk and we went home together and had sex - he left the next morning at 9am.

He text me the following day and we continued to text for the next week. I tried to make plans to meet up with him but things got in the way - work, no car, family, to busy. So I figured he is just not that into me. Friday came around and he messaged me asking what I was doing that weekend and he said he had the house to himself (but didn't imply that I should come around.) The next day I wrote to him asking what he was doing during the day - he said that he would come hang out but then 3 hours later I hadn't heard from him and then I get a text saying he fell asleep. He then text and said we should get dinner that night - we ended up meeting for a drink and late dinner instead and I went back to his. We sat up talking for a while and then we had sex, again. The next morning at 9am he dropped me home and said he would message me later.

In this time we had both discussed out hate for Tinder and I had deleted mine. The next day I logged on (admittedly to see if he was on there) and he wasn't - he text me during the day and I had mentioned something about him being a Tinder addict as a joke and he said "well not anymore - I deleted it today"! I know he has added 2 other girls from Tinder on to his FB page but he admit she has only been on a date with 1 other and its 'friends only.'

We have been in constant contact since - but I am starting to wonder if I need to back off (as he also has a lot of baggage) or if I should keep trying to see him and see where it goes - Is he interested in me or the sex?



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30 Mar

EH in my experience, sleeping together early on does not work or last. The chase is gone and in the beginning the chase is what keeps us going back for more. Don't get your hopes up too high, but also try to see him in a different setting where there is no chance you will end up in bed together, and see if the personality chemistry is there, as well as physical chemistry which you already have established.

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