I'm living with a relative right now. ...

By charlemagne64 | Sep 25 2015

After being with him for 14 years, 6 of which we were married, he has consistently been either caught on dating sites or engaged in inappropriate behavior with female clients. I just found out that he had texted a Yellow Pages rep in January and proclaimed, "I was thinking about you all last night"? I left him immediately. He's displaced all the criteria of a narcissist. I have been studying narcissism for the last 14 years because something was just not right. I know I did the right thing by leaving. I can't say I'm devestated because I always waited for the other shoe to drop. The only thing that's screwing with my mind is that I had to leave my dogs with him. The loss of their love and companionship is what's heartbreaking to me. My question is, why am I getting blamed by him for his conduct? Are people that calculated to carry on with no remorse just blaming their victims? I'm a rape survivor and I feel like I've been assaulted all over again. WHY live with someone, tell them you love them, etc., yet try to play both sides of the fence? This man has no boundaries, ZERO. I can't imagine what would have been if the woman he texted actually answered. What puzzles me is that I'm 15 years younger then him. I'm what many have called beautiful, inside and out. We were always intimate and I'm not a prude....I cooked, cleaned, took care of him. I just don't get it. Right now I've gone no contact because truthfully I can't stand to even look at him. I left, hits done and there hasn't been too much resistance by him. I still have to move my stuff out of his house but of course I'm having anxiety over that so I have delayed it. Any thoughts? Have I handled this well considering the circumstances? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Now I'm Wondering

I'm living with a relative right now.

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