I'm a bit confused. While we were FWBs, I didn't think he liked...

By tilanikita | Mar 16 2015

I'm sorry this is so long .

A couple of years ago I met a guy went on a date (where we had quite a bit of chemistry), but I ended up sleeping with him on the first date and we became FWBs. All throughout that time, we would meet up for sex like once a week and he would text me all the time (not anything flirty, dirty or deep) but just everyday conversation. Also, we'd have dinner or catch a movie together and he was always respectful. At the time, I thought nothing about our situation because I always thought we were just FWBs (though we never spoke about what our agreement was) because whenever we were together seemed really withdrawn around me (he wasn't like that on the first date before I slept with him, he was really open back then).

Eventually, he stopped texting and after 2 weeks he sent me a text asking if we could do something other than have sex and I replied that it was cool with me then he didn't reply back. I just figured that he found another FWB who he was more physically attracted to or that he wanted to find a real relationship with a woman who was right for him.

A few months after not speaking to each other, he sent me a message on FB asking me how I was then sent me a friend request. At the time, I had a boyfriend so I just totally ignored all of those messages and declined his friend request. Nearly two years have passed now and I recently sent him a message on FB asking him how he was. He replied quickly and asked for my number but I told him I wasn't comfortable with that because I was still with my boyfriend.

We ended up messaging daily just catching up then he replied, "Maybe you should take me out to coffee one day " which I ignored. Eventually (and all of a sudden) he asked how long me and my boyfriend have been together and I told him. He figured out that I had met my boyfriend a few months after he and I stopped seeing each other and he sent a blushing emoticon with that message. I then asked him about his marital situation (just to catch up) and he said he's single then I replied. He's read the message but now he hasn't replied after a few days when before he was replying back to me within a hour.

Now I'm Wondering

I'm a bit confused. While we were FWBs, I didn't think he liked me enough to date but I've just realised that the things he did whilst we were seeing each other don't seem very FWBs and he was kind of flirting with me a bit when we were recently messaging each other. Was he kind of interested?

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