I havent heard from him in a couple of weeks because I thought he...

By loopyl | Mar 29 2013

Now I'm Wondering

I haven't heard from him in a couple of weeks because I thought he was pulling the fade out on me so I just left him be. He texts me this out of the blue and still wants to keep seeing me. How do I ask him where we stand???? I want him to know I want more contact from him but without sounding pushy/demanding/neurotic...




3 Apr

Hey in the days of he's not just into you its tough trying to figure out if busy means busy or its just a polite way for a guy to walk away. But it remains that only time will tell if he really means what he says. All the best hope it works out.


5 Apr

sounds like he is into you.


5 Apr

I just want him to know I want him to show it if he does like me, make it obvious... Geez men are more complicated than chicks!


10 Jun

He gave you an open invitation to keep in contact with him, so that's a good sign to proceed with caution. The worst thing you can do to a guy is start putting constraints on what comes naturally to him. Don't "f" it up by becoming emotionally demanding... Take what you get from him for now and see where it goes..Curb your eagerness to respond and continue with your life before he came on to the scene...Guys have a way of reading things without you even saying anything.

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