I have this friend and we became FWB like 2 years ago, and he has...

By noemie934 | Nov 16 2015

Is there any rules with FWB?

Now I'm Wondering

I have this friend and we became FWB like 2 years ago, and he has a girlfriend, by the time he was with her we stopped for a while, but now he started to call me to come over, but he is still with her, so i just rejected him... so is any rule that i should know? I mean i know that it is not exclusive,no love, but what else?...




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16 Nov

Sounds like things are not working out or theyve hit a rough patch so he is now contacting old reliable - which is you. I think the rule is that he expect you to not expect anything from him, because you used to be fwb, he might think you'r still available. If youre not interested, let him know. If I were you, I certainly wouldn't go near that guy, he sounds like a mess.


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6 Dec

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4 Feb

What did you do? I'm going through the same problem. I told him to go be with her and stop calling me but we texted short text..but he sent one yesterday saying " Hey Sexy💋 and then today 😘😘... My heart is finally mending What is he up too?


7 Feb

We talk, and i told him to stop, that the "friendship" was over. That it was only when we were single. And all the texts that i get then, i just ignore them. He just stopped, and i am happy for it.


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23 May

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