I had a one night stand on Sun. and it was great and he was...

By emilydzi | Sep 19 2015

Wanting casual sex from my one night stand

Now I'm Wondering

I had a one night stand on Sun. and it was great and he was gorgeous and Irish and perfect. We had met on Tinder and he told me that he was leaving for Ireland the next day and asked if I wanted to 'send him off', which I obviously did. When he got to my place, we talked and drank a bit and he added me on snap, and then we had incredible sex for two hours and he left around 2:30 in the morning. I texted him the next day just saying that I had a good time and it was fun and the next time he was in the states hit me up, to which he never texted back-which is fine. Then a few days later, I was looking at his snap story and discovered he never actually left the city and was still pretty close to me. I think it's insanely clever of him to use that line and I'm sure it works a lot and keeps all the girls away. I'm not looking for anything at all even remotely serious: I just want to have a guy who I can text randomly twice a month and have sex with him and let that be it. But even if he doesn't want that, I really do just want to have sex with him one more time. Does it seem clingy or needy or look really bad if I were to text or send him a snapchat asking him if he wanted to hook up again or do I just let it go?



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20 Sep

I would just let it go. You had a one night stand, and even though you don't want anymore, just reaching out to him to ask him to hook up again might give him the idea what you're more into him than you're letting on. There are plenty of men out there, don't worry about one guy you slept with once.


3 Dec

Jhops your an A**hole for talking like that to EmilyDZI. She isn't throughing herself and men! All she is asking for regular fuck buddy. To much to ask for, I'd rather have a reg hook up than sleeping with random people. All men are the same!

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