i dont wanna make him think im clingy but i wanna see him should...

By confusedx23 | Jun 29 2015

me and my hu buddy (no sex just everything else) we had plans last week but he canceled on me and hour before i was supposed to go. ive snapped him 2 or 3 times over the week and he opened it but didnt answer. now idk if i shuld text him bc i wanna see him or wait for him to text me that he was to hu?

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i dont wanna make him think im clingy but i wanna see him should i just text him and ask if he wants to chill the thing is i cant have him over when my parents are over i usually go to his at night like 10 pm since his family is asleep. so idk if i ask to chill if i can say he cant come here tho. or i should wait till i have the house to myself



29 Jun

Wait for him to message you or snap you. Stop looking back to see if he is messaging you or snapping you. Go out with your girlfriends, post pictures of yourself having a great time, and stop thinking about it.


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29 Jun

No, leave him alone. He probably thinks you're pushy and there is a reason he isn't responding to your snaps. He probably cancelled on you because some better plans came along and as his hang out buddy you're always there and available. Don't make yourself his hangout buddy if you want more from the situation, he's never going to respect your feelings because he assumes its mutual that it's a casual thing.


29 Jun

yeaa and no idc if my parents know i just rather not hu with this guy when there home lol its weird. So the next time if he even asks me to hang should i say im busy?

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