I can't tell if he seriously likes me or is just going through...

By taylor222 | Feb 22 2015

I matched this guy on tinder and we had a lot in common off the bat so he asked for my number to text me. He texts me fairly regularly, sometimes it's questions to get to know each other better, some times its witty small talk, other times its flirty, but we're meeting for the first time soon. He doesn't always initiate conversation but always replies to me instantly. He didn't suggest the meetup, I did. He mentions things he would do with me (not sexually) like "I'm a good cook I can show you how to make this" and "Oh we both like the same music we should hit up a show" but sometimes does bring up the sexual thing and I tease him a lot. I mean he is a guy I've met from tinder and we've only been talking for a little over a week, and only text he hasn't asked for facebook or other social media.

Now I'm Wondering

I can't tell if he seriously likes me or is just going through all this to get a hookup. He's excited about our meetup from what he says, but I can't tell if he's expecting me to just have sex and leave. I'm assuming he's talking to other girls because he's from tinder but I don't know. What should I expect? What should I do? Does it seem like he's interested? I'm clueless.



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23 Feb

You can't tell before you meet him, but I would probably ease up on the sex talk if you don't want him to think you're just in it for a hookup. Who cares what he is expecting honestly, you set your own boundaries and if you're not interested in sex on the first meeting, then don't have it. What you know is that he is on Tinder, so he's probably meeting and dating other girls too. One advice would be to meet in public, you never know who you're dealing with off the internet.


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23 Feb

You should meet him before you add him on Facebook. First dates are for learning about each other, you shouldn't be looking up that info through social media first that takes the whole point out of a first date

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