Hey! So there is this guy i got to know over friends, we added...

By vielola | Apr 22 2015

Should I stay in touch or not respond at all?

Now I'm Wondering

Hey! So there is this guy i got to know over friends, we added each other on facebook and he started messaging me about 1-2 days later. We kept writing occasionally since february and then finally managed to meet up. It was rather casual and we had so much fun! He was the one texting me first 2 days after our date and we started messaging a little bit more. He asked me to come to an event with him but i didnt have time. Suddenly he couldnt remember many things we've talked about on that date. (I told him my plans for the weekend)I decided to not reply for 2 days as i was really busy that weekend and I didnt want to make the impression that i am needy or desperate. And now he starts playing that game where he would only answer every second day but then he asks stuff and is flirty and makes lots of smileys., makes conpliments etc. Should I stop answering him? I really cant tell if he is interested or not. I just dont want to waste my time if he doesnt know what he wants..



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22 Apr

You started playing games though. Although its a guy's job to take the lead, they might also feel rejected and will try to appear cool to avoid losing face. I would cut down on the facebooking and ask him out for coffee, he seems interested enough so I dont know why youre playing games to begin with.


22 Apr

No he hasnt asked me out again yet. And actually i want him to ask me out this time as i asked him out in the first place. It's not that i am absolutely into him i would just love to get to know him a bit better but i feel kinda stuck here...i really dont want to come across annoying or needy. I thought that maybe he felt a bit rejected because i took my time to respond. Maybe i will just keep playing that flirt-game..chances are high we meet again at a party or event as we have some friends in common. I am so impatient though haha!


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