Hey everyone! This is really long so bear with me. I met this...

By rnnat28 | Jul 06 2016

I don't know what to do at this point, as he is not really responding to my texts.

Now I'm Wondering

Hey everyone! This is really long so bear with me. I met this guy, J, at a bar about 3 months ago. We attempted to hook up that night, but we were both pretty wasted so it just wasn't happening. The next night, we were at the same bar again and he asked me to go home with him. I thought that we were going to continue hooking up, but he just wanted to hang out and watch movies. I was pretty tipsy that night and he started telling me more about himself. He has a pretty rough past, but now he is working a steady job and doing well for himself. Over the next couple of weeks, he would text me and I would ignore his messages because even though I really liked him, I felt put off about his past. He contacted me through FB messenger and I decided to hang out with him. That night we did not sleep together, but just hung out, talked, and got to know each other better. We made out a couple of times and I realized how much I actually liked this guy. He makes me feel like I'm back in high school. Against my feelings for him, I again decided to cut all communication with him. Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend. I get a text message from his best friend asking me to go to the bar because "they" were there. When I ask who else was with him, I never received a response back. Slowly, but surely, J and I begin to communicate. Meanwhile, I started dating a doctor. J finds out about the doctor through social media. He calls me last Saturday and we started talking about the doctor. I explained to him that the doctor would be leaving to Chicago since he has a job offer out there. J advised me to break things off with the doctor since we live in NYC and a new relationship will not survive long distance. J also told me that he was only saying this because he was looking out for my best interest. Afterwards he asked me why I do not consider dating him. I entertained the idea and we had a long conversation planning out our future together, which included having kids, pets, and a discussion on where we would live. On Monday, I went out with the doctor again and we were having a great time posting on snap chat. I did decide to break up with the doctor on Monday, but unfortunately J viewed our interaction through snap chat. I contacted J afterwards via text and told him that I had decided to end things with the doctor, but he did not give me a response. I again attempted to text him and invited him over to my house. He stated that he was not in the area, but that he was willing to come see me once he returned. I responded back that he should make more of an effort to make me happy and he has not responded since. My friend who viewed the messages stated that I was playing games with him and never apologized for the crap I pulled on Monday. Now I don't know if I should just let things go and let him go, even though I really like this guy, or if I should take my friend's advice and initiate conversation once again and most importantly apologize. I feel like I pushed him too far. But yet again, maybe I misread him and he wasn't interested in the first place? Any advise would be appreciated.


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